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InstallShield 2019 & Editions

Installation Made Easy: Get MSIX Ready

You've built a great software product that users love. Why risk an installation error and a poor customer experience? Play it safe with Flexera's InstallShield. It's the industry standard for developers creating installers for Windows desktops, servers, virtual and cloud platforms.


What's New in InstallShield 2019
  • Full MSIX Project Creation: Create a new MSIX project from scratch to create a native MSIX package, including the ability to add Content URIs, Declarations, Visual Assets and Capabilities.
  • MSIX Conversion Wizard: Easily convert any MSI file into an MSIX package using the MSIX Conversion Wizard.
  • MSIX Validation Suite: Smoothly identify what existing InstallShield projects require changes to meet Microsoft MSIX standards. Provides insights and steps needed to convert MSI project elements to work in MSIX.
  • MSIX in Suite: Expands installation suites to include MSIX packages along with other deployment types.

With InstallShield, you can:

  • We set the bar for reliable installations on 500+ million PCs and servers.
  • More developers choose us to build MSI and EXE installers, and create UWP and WSA app packages. For desktop, server, cloud and virtual environments.
  • We speak installer with localised setups in 35 languages.
  • Licensing is flexible based on team size, number of machines and locations.

The applications you build should install reliably and make a great first impression. They deserve the best. They deserve InstallShield. Download trial version of InstallShield 2019 now.


InstallShield Editions

InstallShield is available in THREE EDITIONS - Premier, Professional and Express



Support for MSIX

Easily take advantage of Microsoft's MSIX with effortless MSIX package creation or smooth migration of existing MSI projects. All in a few clicks.


Combine Multiple UWP App Packages into One

Develop your installation in modules for easier deployment and maintenance, and then merge the components and dependencies at build time into a single UWP app (Appx) package for the Windows Store. For direct distribution outside the store, bundle your UWP App Packages and other dependencies together with a Suite/Advanced UI installer.

Windows Installer (MSI) Installations

Quickly and easily create Windows Installer (MSI) installations with advanced support for SQL databases, enhanced options in IIS view (Premier and Professional editions only), XML editing and much more with InstallShield's intuitive graphical development environment.

InstallScript Installations

Design installers or MSI custom actions with InstallScript -- a powerful and easy-to-use installation scripting language to maximise the flexibility of your installation.

Convert MSIs to Microsoft App-V 5.1

Provide flexible installation options for your enterprise customers by creating both Microsoft App-V 5.1 packages and Windows Installer MSI installations from the same build process. Improve your support team's ability to quickly test and troubleshoot customer issues by providing them with instant streaming access to virtualised instances of multiple product versions. Microsoft App-V is included with Windows 10 Enterprise editions

Mapped MSI Table Relationships

Gain insight into how MSI tables are related for more precise editing and troubleshooting. Quickly see how those changes will impact your installer to reduce the unintended consequences of manual table editing.

Custom Bootstrappers to Bundle Universal Windows Platform App Packages, MSI Installers, and More

Suite/Advanced UI installations bundle app packages, MSI installers, EXE setups, Web Deploy packages and more into a single installer for simple installation by your customers. Enhancements offer more control for suite installation authors. Installers can be bundled with their dependencies, server configuration tasks, PowerShell scripts, and all the required components of a complex installation.

Custom Windows 10 Tiles

Make your Windows Installer and UWP desktop applications "pop" on the Windows 10 Start screen with vibrant tiles for increased user engagement.

Multilingual Support

InstallShield's development tools are available in both English and Japanese language editions. Localise installations using InstallShield's default run-time strings in 35 languages, and add your own strings for other languages. Add conditions to deliver different files, registry entries and other resources for each supported language.

Install Web Applications to Microsoft Azure and Microsoft IIS

With support for installing Microsoft Web Deploy packages, Suite/ Advanced UI installations give your customers the flexibility to deploy web applications to their choice of infrastructure -- local machines, remote servers in the data center or to Microsoft Azure in the cloud.

Automatically Provision Virtual Machines for Simple Installation Testing

Reduce testing time and eliminate manual steps by automatically provisioning virtual machines; Simple choose your test images and InstallShield will automatically power on the virtual machine and stage your installation for testing. Requires VMware vSphere, VMware Workstation, or Microsoft Hyper-V.

Microsoft Team Foundation Server Integration

Compile, build and manage InstallShield projects on TFS build servers. Use Team Explorer to configure, schedule, and queue builds for InstallShield projects together with Visual Studio solution builds.



InstallShield Standalone Build

Automate Software Installation Builds and Foster Team Collaboration

Software companies are no longer waiting until the end of their release cycle to start building their installations. Instead they work agile by building their installations from the beginning and continuously integrating them with their product builds. InstallShield provides a Standalone Build add-on for you to maintain a clean build system.

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